Monday, 25 August 2014

A few lines from a couple of my Of Hate And Laughter characters

Kalafar of house Sodomis, lord of Weiyenor and warden of the Northlands.

Coat of arms: a ram with fiery hooves

Realm: Winterlands

“Don’t make me make you rue the day you’ve squeezed me into this world from between your legs, mother.” ~from book 1, An Empire Of Traitors

Drakanes, a sister of the High Temple of the Matriarchy

Coat of arms: none/lowborn

Realm: Westlands

"Sword! Sword! My cunt for a sword!" ~from book 1, An Empire Of Traitors

Birus of house Mandon, lord of Rivermark and warden of the Streamlands

Coat of arms: a hawk's majestic head upon a field of white

Realm: Midlands

“Brothers! Soldiers! This day we rid our lands of these invaders! We’ll cut them down and spit on their corpses! To battle! For Rivermark! For the Streamlands! For Hagyai!” ~from book 1, An Empire Of Traitors

Amarius Soronius of house Mero, Sunborn emperor of the Old World (the five realms)

Coat of arms: the Sunfist encircled by a golden beam with its rays sinister

Realm: Southlands

“Worry not, brother. For I share the same slippery robes of your circumstances, even more so. My allies are like dogs; sniffing about my throat, waiting for the right moment to tear it open and feast.” ~from book 2, A Heretical Divide

Tobias of house Findley, lord of Stoneweed

Coat of arms: the dog-headed serpent red against a field of jade

Realm: Eastlands

“You are to be my mistress. I wish it so. If you betray me, I’ll have your head on a spike. But first, I’ll cut open your belly and feed you your insides.” ~from book 2, A Heretical Divide

Neezor Arrtrofis, captain of the Prodigious

Coat of arms: a demon’s head with its tongue hanging out above two crossed scimitars

“Great dweller of the underworld! I am the holder! I am the keeper and master of his heart by blood pact! I am Neezor of house Arrtrofis, first of my name! I am your master, and you are bound to my will until the promised hour! Until the Great Annihilator conquers the entirety of hell, and his servants prepare the earth for his glorious and terrible coming!” ~from book 1, An Empire Of Traitors

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