Saturday, 26 December 2015

Brock Peters, his voice is still OP

Brock Peters (the black bloke), my favorite voice actor as I was growing up watching Cartoon Network, in Romania, Bucharest. Even after death, he remains unbeatable.

Debunking a myth around the Lovecraftian mythos

The notion of "Cosmic gods" is not an invention of Lovecraft; the notion is part of many religions and systems of belief, particularly in polytheism and in animist & animatist systems of belief. If we want to talk about preternatural powers, alien life, demons, and cosmic events - such as transporting people to the moon, we must talk about Johannes Kepler's Somnium, a science fiction novel written in 1608. Sagan & Asimov have referred to it as the first work of science fiction.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Some Christmas specials for ya!

Actual historical depiction of Pilate vs the Christian fictitious ones:

Sun, Moon, Jesus! Why Easter is a mutable date, unlike a real historical date:

Friday, 27 November 2015

My Black Friday 2 day free promo!

An Empire Of Traitors is free to be owned by you! The promo ends after tomorrow. So grab your eReader device and start downloading. Additionally, you can grab both my novels (2 for the price of 1) for only $2.99. Hope you'll have fun reading my work. And don't forget to leave a review (your honest opinion, good or bad). Thank you, reader. ^ v ^

Friday, 20 November 2015

Tales From Indies, a SWF writers' Anthology

Tales from Indies: Smashwords Forum Writers Anthology 2015

Tales from Indies is the first anthology published by Smashwords Forum Writers (SWF). This collection of eleven pieces, with an international flavor, includes short stories, an essay, and chapters from completed works with themes ranging from science-fiction, fantasy, historical retelling, to paranormal romance.
Tales from Indies writers are: Bret Allen, John Chapman, Shelia Chapman, ┼×erban Valentin Constantin Enache, Julie Harris, Kell Inkston, Alan James, Ian Kotze, Jennifer R. Povey, Ria Stone, and Bonnie Turner.
SWF writers are a diverse bunch. We have a global membership. Our genres run the gamut from children's picture eBooks to erotica, from historical fiction to science-fiction, fantasy, and romance. Nonfiction writers offer puzzle eBooks, how-to-books, satire, & more. SWF writers are new authors and long-time pros.
Monies from sales goes to SPCA in Canada.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Jesus vs Seneca, oh, my...

As a contrast between the Stoic pagans and the Christians, let's see these quotes:

" 'They are slaves,' people declare. NO, rather they are men.
'Slaves! NO, comrades.
'Slaves! NO, they are unpretentious friends.
'Slaves! NO, they are our fellow-slaves, if one reflects that Fortune has equal rights over slaves and free men alike. That is why I smile at those who think it degrading for a man to dine with his slave.
But why should they think it degrading? It is only purse-proud etiquette ... All night long they must stand about hungry and dumb ... They are not enemies when we acquire them; we make them enemies ... This is the kernel of my advice: Treat your inferiors as you would be treated by your betters.
'He is a slave.' His soul, however, may be that of a free man."
– Seneca the Younger, Epistulae Morales, 47.

"Which of you, having a slave plowing or feeding cattle, will say to him at the end of the day, when he comes in from the field, 'Go and sit down to eat?' And would not rather say to him, 'Prepare my supper, get yourself ready and wait on me while I eat and drink; after that, you may eat and drink'?
Would you thank that slave because he did the things that were commanded him? I think not. So likewise, when you have done all those things which are commanded, you should say, 'We are unprofitable slaves: we have done only that which was our duty to do.' "
– Luke 17.7,10.

"Jesus" endorses passive acceptance of slavery and an unquestioned authoritarianism. In contrast, Seneca anticipates the emancipation of slaves and the equality of men. "Treat others as you yourself would like to be treated" I don't take from Jesus, I take it from Confucius.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Public infrastructure does not have to earn commercial returns

I remember as a teenager (interested in economics, science, politics, and history at the time), I asked myself this same question about worthwhile government projects. Who cares about the money, when the investment actually yields you positive physical gains? In this context (though I wasn't aware of MMT at the time & still had the dove mindset), I saw fiscal deficits as capital gains.

Here's Bill Mitchell explaining why Public infrastructure does not have to earn commercial returns

Friday, 6 November 2015

1 year old girl's life saved from leukemia!

Layla, a one-year-old girl with leukemia, is in remission thanks to gene-editing technology that allowed her to receive modified immune cells from another person.

Her case represents the second trial of gene-editing as a therapy — the first was carried out last year in patients with HIV. More similar trials are planned — and companies are also preparing to trial therapies that inject DNA that codes for gene-editing enzymes directly into the human body.

Leukemia success heralds wave of gene-editing therapies.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Gung Ho, 1986

An awesome movie I saw when I was a toddler. Loved it.
Assuming it's not blocked in your region, watch it in full on youtube here:

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

My recent ebook promo, results

Alright. Like I promised, here are the results of my ebook promo for An Empire Of Traitors that I ran with 3 services on the 24th of this month. I used The Fussy Librarian,, and EbooksHabit. Because I used all 3 at once, I can't know which service did the best job or indeed, what job each service did.

Here are the results: 171 + 12 downloads on B&N & 1 on iTunes. (lol)
As you can see, the results weren't very good. I remember the first time I used DBS/BKnights, the 15$ option, I managed to obtain 175 freebie downloads within the first 24h. I've eroded myself for their audience since summer, though.
Anyway, since I paid 10$ for each service on this promotion, I feel like I didn't get enough eyeballs for my money. And only 2 people added An Empire Of Traitors to their "to-read" list on Goodreads.

The very low freebie downloads these two months & even fewer paid downloads for A Heretical Divide alongside other personal problems have hindered my productivity in drafting the 3rd book in the OHAL series. In spite of that, everything is coming together, and my ideas are several steps ahead of the actual writing which is always a good thing.

Conclusion. Will I be purchasing more of these promo gigs in the future? Probably not. If all I'm doing is paying to have strangers download & not read my work, then it's surely NOT an investment at all, but a complete loss. And I have to consider all my efforts so far in doing ebook promos as such (net failures), simply because I have yet to see reviews. Nobody said "Hey, nice read," or "OMG, don't bother with this". The reviews I managed to obtain were through e-begging. Let's call it what it is. "Hey, I see you like to read fantasy books. Would you read my free book and leave a review? Thanks". If you're an indie, you know how LONG backlogs are for review bloggers.

Anyway, enough with the whining. Getting people to take a chance on you (actually read you) is hard work. I swear, the bulk of my paid downloads don't come from any ebook promotions, but from connecting with people via social media (forums, blogs, twitter (I don't have Facebook)). In my case, connecting with people interested in politics and explaining to them money mechanics (fiscal ops, monetary ops, and banking) & double-entry bookkeeping. I've converted many a deficit hawk & dove into deficit owls. I want to thank everyone who supported me thus far, it means a lot. Hopefully, the future will be brighter for us all. Peace out.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Sanders spews the same mainstream bullshit on macro

Sanders talks as if he has two balls in his mouth, and he's talking the usual deficit dove bullshit.
Dear #leftists, by saying "Make the rich pay for it" you're perpetuating the same zombie economic theology preached by the right. By saying that you're validating the bullshit lies spewed by Ayn Rand.
If he gets the presidency, he's gonna be a deception just like Obama was. The main difference being, in my opinion, on foreign policy, cause the Obama presidency is bound to be less hawkish than that of Sanders, who is a zionist & completely defended what Israel did to Palestine in the last rounds of indiscriminate murderous bombings.
Until a popular politician starts explaining to his electorate how fiscal policy really works, the rich won't pay their fair share & average plebeians will still see the 1% as job creators and defend them (without true reason, except that of zombie economic theology preached by both the deficit hawks & doves). Oh, if you want us to make jobs for you, you're gonna have to tax us less and you government must slash public spending. And that kind of idiotic logic the left is not equipped to handle, simply because they don't understand how things work (monetary & fiscal ops + double entry bookkeeping) - and it all descends into petty ideology.

Government levies public obligations on its citizens (fines & taxes) & demands payment only in government currency in order to give value to that currency. Since you can only pay your taxes & fines in gov money, you're willing to work & sell your goods for that currency. Government first announces tax obligations payable only in its currency, then it spends (fiscal debits), then it taxes. And if you want to have dollar bills in your wallet after you've paid your taxes, the government needs to spend more money in the economy than it takes out of it via taxation. You're gonna want fiscal deficits & government debt (net fiscal debits accrued over time). So stop saying that the "rich should pay for health care or social security" & start saying "the rich should pay in order to have socio-economic equality."

Friday, 16 October 2015

Paid Ebook promo services, my experience

I've been experimenting with other ebook promotion gigs out there, trying to get more eyeballs for my Of Hate And Laughter series.

Got burned on I paid the fee after the site owner replied that he had my date free & then I never heard back from him & never got my promo. I had to push a claim via PayPal to get my money back, then the bloke replies to me about a week or two after that & apologized & promised he would do my promo for free, which he didn't. Anyway, stay clear from this site & don't confuse it with which is legit & costs only 3 bucks. is also not worth it. I paid 10 dollars and only got 12 or so freebie downloads. I had a good experience from EbookSoda for only 10 bucks (100+ freebie downloads of An Empire Of Traitors), and now I've scheduled 3 promos for the 24th of this month with Ebooks Habit, ItsWriteNow, and the Fussy Librarian. Using I found that BKnights (only on Fiverr) really suffered a downfall in their visits & email responses. My last promo with them on September gave me half of the regular freebie downloads I get from them (1/2 out of 160+). BKnights/DBS have a cool business policy, they're very open and responsive & they do offer refunds if satisfaction is not met. Hope their traffic will improve for the holidays and into the new year.

As a great tip, don't rush to throw your money away on ebook promotion sites. From my experience, look at any promotion above 10-15 dollars with a LARGE grain of salt. And always type in the site's main URL into to see visits, bounce rate, ranking, and email & social media traffic sources for the respective site. What I personally do is multiply the visits with email traffic percentage then divide by 100 to see a figure closer to reality (approximation of active members) vis-a-vis so-called email blasts & newsletters. Note: make sure to include the www. into the search field, otherwise chances are the site won't recognize the address.

I will update this blog entry once I've seen the results of EbooksHabit, Fussy Librarian, and ItsWriteNow.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Abba Lerner was born in Basarabia, I did not know this

Abba Ptachya Lerner (October 28, 1903 – October 27, 1982) was an American economist.

Lerner was born on October 28, 1903 in Bessarabia (Russian Empire). He grew up in a Jewish family, which emigrated to Great Britain when Lerner was three years old. Lerner grew up in the London East End. From the age of sixteen he worked as a machinist, a teacher in Hebrew schools, and as a businessman. He entered the London School of Economics in 1929 where he would study under Friedrich Hayek. A six-month stay at Cambridge in 1934–1935 brought him into contact with John Maynard Keynes. Lerner married Alice Sendak in 1930; they had twin children, Marion and Lionel, in 1932.

In 1937, Lerner emigrated to the United States. While in the US, Lerner befriended his intellectual opponents Milton Friedman and Barry Goldwater.


The use of fiscal policy and monetary policy as the twin tools of Keynesian economics is credited to Lerner by historians such as David Colander.
The Lerner symmetry theorem states that an import tariff can have the same effects as an export tax.
The Lerner Index measures potential monopoly power as the negative inverse of demand elasticity.
Lerner improved a formula of Alfred Marshall, which is known since as the Marshall–Lerner condition.
Lerner developed a model of market socialism, which differed form the pure planned economy. It became known as the Third Way. By the 1960s Lerner began to distance himself from his early work on socialism.
Lerner improved the calculations made by Wilhelm Launhardt on the effect of terms of trade.
Lerner developed the concept of distributive efficiency, which shows that economic equality will produce the greatest total happiness with a given amount of wealth.
Lerner contributed to the Lange-Lerner-Taylor theorem.
Based on effective demand principle and chartalism, Lerner developed functional finance, a theory of purposeful financing (and funding) to meet explicit goals, including full employment, no taxation designed solely to fund expenditure or finance investment, and low inflation.
Lerner (1951, Ch. 14) developed the concept of the NAIRU (before Friedman and Phelps). He termed it "low full employment" and contrasted it the "high full employment," the maximum employment achievable by implementing functional finance.
The Lerner-Samuelson theorem goes back to Lerner.

"What eventually became known as textbook Keynesian policies were in many ways Lerner’s interpretations of Keynes's policies, especially those expounded in The Economics of Control (1944) and later in The Economics of Employment (1951). . . . Textbook expositions of Keynesian policy naturally gravitated to the black and white 'Lernerian' policy of Functional Finance rather than the grayer Keynesian policies. Thus, the vision that monetary and fiscal policy should be used as a balance wheel, which forms a key element in the textbook policy revolution, deserves to be called Lernerian rather than Keynesian." (Colander 1984, p. 1573)

Colander, David (December 1984), "Was Keynes a Keynesian or a Lernerian?", Journal of Economic Literature 22: 1571–79, argues for the influence of Lerner's interpretation Keynes in "textbook" Keynesianism.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Gun nuts love their toys more than they do logic

Believing that easier access to guns leads to less violence/crime is like believing less access to birth control leads to fewer abortions. #Gunsense

Friday, 2 October 2015

"Government must never intervene in the market"

Stupid-man: "Did you see the Steel works up North is closing due to being broke? Up to 2,000 jobs going!" Reasonable-man: "Yes... Disgusting." Stupid-man: "Well it's just simple economics really. It's now become cheaper to import steel from China, so that's all there is to it!" Reasonable-man: "(looking at him like he's a bonehead!) Are you being fucking serious? So if it's cheaper to import beef, shall we fuck all our own farmers off to be idle or work at 'ready ready car washing?' Stupid-man: "That's different, this is market forces proper producing of goods." Reasonable-man: "Look, pal, you have no idea what you are talking about. This shit house government should be supporting that industry through the rocky times. Unemployment is already sky high up there!" Stupid-man: "Governments should never intervene in the market." Reasonable-man: "Now I know you are full of shit! Tell that to the banks they had to bail out! And by the way; the reason imports from China are cheaper is because they devalued their currency. Who do you think did that numb nuts? I suppose that was the free market was it?" Stupid-man: "Yes but that was done to help their economy." Reasonable-man: "So saving 2000 jobs isn't helping our economy? Have you thought about what happens when the price of Chinese steel goes back up? Like many examples of other imported goods in the past..

Conclusion: It's ok when the Chinese government intervenes in the market to devalue its currency in order to create new jobs for itself (the country) while destroying those jobs in other countries - and when the market changes you won't have your domestic industries anymore, which you've shut down because they weren't any longer competitive but now they could have been (since the market turned), but all the machinery has been sold for scrap. The land doesn't hold manufacturing plants anymore, only malls & mini malls. LoL. Nice way of defending one's self interest. Next time the guy's broke and goes to collect his welfare check, which he fucking will, tell him - sorry, your poverty is the result of market forces and government mustn't intervene with market forces. Naturally, they'll always try to scapegoat government for absolutely EVERYTHING, and the market for absolutely NOTHING.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

The Whisperer In Darkness, some funny aspects

H.P. Lovecraft - The Whisperer In Darkness

So let's enumerate some things:
-pinkish, crab-like aliens with bat-like wings fly through the ether and reach Earth
-they supposedly mine rocks from Earth
-they are "the old ones", so they're far older than the race of man
-Lovecraft insists via his characters (including his main character who starts out as a rational man, but does quickly a 180 and becomes a crackpot) that these crab-like ancient aliens have human-like agents working for them, that they possess psychic powers
-they come from the unknown parts of the world/universe, parts which AUTOMATICALLY in Lovecraft's mind, must be places of "cosmic horror" and any attempt to understand such places or see such places is AUTOMATICALLY blasphemous & will bring insanity to the human mind 

Now comes the fun part:
-dogs, apparently, are able to keep these creatures at bay
-though these aliens are far older than man & more powerful, they apparently haven't learned by now how to properly use their wings to fly on Earth - but they're learning to improve their flight as the dull & static exchange of letters between the two men drags on for ages
-a flood can kill these eldritch "horrors"
-Lovecraft repeats around 5 to 6 times why the bloke doesn't want to leave the cabin, because that's the place of his cherished childhood and where 6 generations lived; Lovecraft seems to press so much this (bullshit) motivation in order to defend/explain why the character chooses to remain alone, with his dogs, suffering bullet attacks against his home & aliens "closing in" on him - instead of fleeing for a safe life to live with his son

-There's nothing remotely cosmic about all of this. Indeed, there's nothing horrific about it as well. The bulk of the story is one non-sequitur after another. It seems like a bad episode of (pseudo-documentary) Ancient Aliens - granted, ahead of that series by many decades & fatalistic without any sort of good argument, whilst the people on the Ancient Aliens show are very lively and optimistic. I'm only familiar with Call of Cthulhu, The Horror at Red Hook, The Whisperer in Darkness, and The Thing on the Doorstep - and only the latter I enjoyed (the lovely voice actor Wayne June helped a lot). For a further LOL, unrelated to this particular story, Lovecraft's inspiration for The Horror at Red Hook was this:
Lovecraft referred to the area's immigrant population by referring to Red Hook as "a maze of hybrid squalor".[3] He spelled out his inspiration for "The Horror at Red Hook" in a letter written to fellow writer Clark Ashton Smith:

The idea that black magic exists in secret today, or that hellish antique rites still exist in obscurity, is one that I have used and shall use again. When you see my new tale "The Horror at Red Hook", you will see what use I make of the idea in connexion with the gangs of young loafers & herds of evil-looking foreigners that one sees everywhere in New York.[4] 

We can only imagine what inspiration Lovecraft would have if he were alive today, with this whole Syrian refugee crisis.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

An iron standard where iron is scarce as gold

Let's consider this scenario. What if iron - an absolutely seminal resource for industry, commerce, and human life in general, let alone modern or contemporary living standards - was in scarce supply as gold, and governments around the world would operate under an iron standard? Governments would allow their IOUs recorded in paper or electronic entries to be converted into iron on demand. What would happen?
1- I doubt we'd have modern electronic banking in this world/history scenario to begin with.
2- It would be expensive as HELL to use iron in industry, because everyone is using it as medium for debt or money (money & debt are the same thing). Because people are using this seminal & scarce (commodity) iron to pay taxes, to transact, and to save.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Palestine wins approval to fly its flag at the UN

119 voted in favour, 8 against led by Israel & USA - 45 abstentions

Bernie Sanders is too right wing to be a socialist

It's a letter to the International Socialist Organization's Socialist Worker as part of a discussion on whether to support Bernie Sanders's campaign. This radical, Jay Moore, crossed paths politically with Sanders many times in Vermont.
A booster for U.S. imperialism
I HAVE lived and been an activist in Vermont for the past 30 years, during which time I closely followed Bernie Sanders' political career that has led him from Burlington mayor to U.S. congressman to U.S. senator to presidential candidate.
Over those years, I have had a number of direct encounters with him. I can tell you from my experience that Bernie is (1) a very rude human being (which makes it hard to understand how he has been a successful politician) and (2) has never been part of the social-change movements here in Vermont, and has often been at odds with us, particularly when it concerned wars and other international issues--most recently, the savage Israeli attack on Gaza.
My first experience with Bernie came shortly after he was elected mayor, and I moved to Burlington partly on that basis. It came while I was participating in a Central American solidarity action at a General Electric Gatling Gun factory in the early 1980s in support of peasants in El Salvador and Nicaragua against whom the machine guns mounted on helicopters were being used.
One would have expected, and I certainly did at the time, that Bernie--back then, much more of an "avowed socialist" than he is today--would have supported our civil disobedience protests to rid the "Peoples Republic of Burlington" from this odious human rights blot. Burlington had a sister city in Nicaragua.
But Bernie did not. Instead, I vividly remember Bernie standing arms-folded alongside the right-wing union officials from the factory and the Burlington Police Department as we were being arrested. He falsely insinuated that we were "anti-worker," and he refused to have any serious political dialogue with us activists. Bernie next made cozy with the cops and their union, who endorsed him in his future mayoral elections.
To my knowledge, Bernie has never spoken out against U.S. imperialism, calling it for what it is--namely, the foundation of upper-class profits and middle-class privileges in the belly of the beast. Down through the years as a politician, he has waffled at best on opposing U.S. wars against the developing world and other people who are deviating from what our rulers want. To his credit, Bernie did vote against the Iraq wars (though this was not a particularly courageous stand to take given how many other members of Congress did the same), but he has not consistently voted against the military funding legislation that made these wars possible.
Moreover, back in 1999, he was an enthusiastic supporter of Bill Clinton's bombing campaign against Yugoslavia. At that time, I was a member of a group of angry and upset peace activists, including Dave Dellinger, who held a sit-in at Bernie's Burlington office and were arrested after Bernie refused to speak with us. At that same time, one of Bernie's Washington staff, the labor historian and activist Jeremy Brecher, wrote a stinging open letter explaining why he could not continue to work for and represent a politician who would take that kind of pro-war position.
In the last couple of years, a huge battle has taken place in Burlington and surrounding towns over the Pentagon's plan to station the new F-35 warplane boondoggle at the Burlington Airport. A large and diverse movement came together to oppose it, based on everything from the noise level for those who have to live under its takeoff to its contribution to militarism and global warming. Did Bernie stand with the people's movement? No, he has supported the F-35 to the hilt, standing instead with the area's military types.
Last fall, when members of Code Pink and Occupy confronted him about his failure to oppose Israel's attack on the Gaza civilian population, Bernie took an evasive liberal position, criticizing the Palestinians who were resisting as much or more than the Zionists. He then called the police on us.
Yes, I will freely admit that Bernie can talk a good talk about economic inequities and the need to redress them. He's definitely on the mark there. An Occupier can agree. While never much of an environmentalist, he has even added a bit about global warming to the end of his standard populist stump speech. (When I knew him as Burlington's mayor, he was all in favor of letting developers take over the public lands on Burlington waterfront--which fortunately was stopped due to actions by Green activists with whom he could never get along.) However, is that enough?
In my view, we need to be clear--especially if we are socialists--about the strong linkages between what capitalism does overseas and here at home, and we need to stand firmly in solidarity with all of those people who are opposing U.S. imperialism and call for no more military spending that is being used to kill and repress them. I will certainly not waste my vote on a politician who does not take that stand.
As importantly, we need to be building revolutionary movements to take power away from the ruling class, not campaigning for politicians who invariably let us down with their promises of reforms.
Jay Moore, Marshfield, Vermont

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Ayn Rand’s philosophy proves Ayn Rand’s concept of Capitalism is false and invalid

Here's a good website I stumbled upon ^_~

According to Ayn Rand’s Objectivist philosophy, a true concept must be observed before it is thought. If there is not a referent (an example) in the real world, the mental concept is false and invalid. According to Ayn Rand, Capitalism is an “unknown ideal”v. A Capitalist economic system has “never yet existed, not even in America”vi. Therefore,
If concepts must be observed and Capitalism has never been observed, then Capitalism is not a concept.
If truth is real and Capitalism has never existed, then Capitalism is not true.
If truth must be experienced and Capitalism is unknown, then Capitalism is not true.
If concepts without referents are invalid and Capitalism does not have a referent in the real world, then Capitalism is an invalid concept.

Friday, 21 August 2015

My 2 cents on Tspiras & Varoufakis...

Tsipras & Varoufakis both CONCEDED the war to the Troika without first waging any battle by taking Grexit off the table. It left them without absolutely no leverage in the negotiations. Why the hell not bring Grexit on the table after great victory over austerity in the OXI vote? It made absolutely no sense. Instead of simulating all this false hope and false negotiations and signing the austerity package, which they both did- though they claimed they didn't believe in it - they should have simply resigned, if they had true moral sense in their bones. But they conceded the war instead of escalating towards a Drachma referendum. All the polls said that the austerity referendum would be 40 vs 43%. A gross manipulation!

The same case I think it's true for return to Drachma polls.

But granted, after you (Varoufakis) spent your years telling people that those advocating Drachma are anti european biggots and that the drachma will bring in hyperinflation, of course you're gonna appear inconsistent with your previous stances.

At the end of the day, Varoufakis is a dishonest intellectual & a failed politician.

Notice, that Varoufakis isn't talking about political instability i.e. armed rebellions or what not, he's just saying that Greece with its own sovereign currency can't work, like in can for Scotland for instance (which he insists that it can )

And as we talked about it before, no one would invade Greece under Drachma regime. Greece would still remain NATO member, would still remain in the EU.

Certain banks might boycott them if they didn't want to honor previous loans - but who cares? The savings of orphans, widows, pensioners, and working class people DIDN'T go to finance the Greek government. ECB simply created those funds via keystrokes & the private banks pocketed the interest acting as middle men.

People advocating that Greece's corruption problems wouldn't help them under Dracham but lead to hyperinflation, is just a bullshit excuse - one I've heard mostly from Greek people thinking that "Oh, you don't live in Greece. You can't possibly know how it is."

An obvious paralogism.

Romania's corruption levels are on par with African countries like Burkina Faso, yet we have our own free floating nonconvertible currency & we've yet to experience hyperinflation. You screw your car's shock absorbers & tires if you travel through our roads. Our bridges are in disrepair, our railways go as fast ad they did in the 40's. Most of the population is in rural areas, which don't have adequate access (or at all) to water, sewer, heat, electricity, and telecommunications.

We're fucking backward as hell - gov spending & taxing efficiency is dismal. We also suffer from organized crime. We suffer from political policing - the judiciary & the intelligentia harassing politicians in power & in opposition for the political gain of others. Yet we still produce & consume output.

So to this particular meme I've seen perpetrated by some Greek folk (including MMTers), it's basically a fatalistic view of things. They're basically saying (without realizing it) - we're too stupid to make it on our own; better remain in the EZ & let the Troika fuck us - at least they know what they're doing & we can complain about it. Also, don't criticize boy-wonder Varoufakis, else they get mad and drop an ad hominem before they block you on Twitter.

Smart phones, tablets, brand clothing & footwear are more important than housing, food, electricity, and heating; that's basically what I hear from pro-Euro POVs & anti-Drachma ones. Oh, you're for Drachma? Then you must be a nationalist, a xenophobe, a racist, and Golden Dawn member or sympathizer. LoL.

PS: Before anyone accuses me of being a hater of Varoufakis, do a little back check on my activities on forums, twitter, and youtube. I defended Greece and Varoufakis' Modest Proposal Ideas many a time & I even defended him as an economist - but he completely disappointed me as a politician & I have EVERY right to complain about it.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Saturday, 18 July 2015

How prophetic Polychroniou was about Syriza (March 3rd 2015)

Since 2010, Greek political leaders have been sacrificing the interests of their own people in order to rescue Europe's banks and keep the euro game going. Syriza's strategy, with Varoufakis and other pro-eurozone zealots as their main architects, could have had no other outcome than Greece's complete capitulation to the commands of Europe's neoliberal rulers and to the vision of empire builders.

Read the full article here!

Monday, 13 July 2015

Sanders is pseudo opposition for Hillary's coronation

Cynical Democratic Party Leaders Will Say Anything You Wanna Hear For Your Votes Or Your Cash
by Bruce A. Dixon

So why is the Democratic National Committee, thoroughly committed to the Hillary Clinton campaign featuring Bernie Sanders in its fundraising emails? How can the California Democratic party raise money pretending to oppose the president on TPP without even pointing in his direction, let alone mentioning his name? Are they really that cynical? Are Democrat donors that gullible?

Last month, Talking Points Memo noted that the Democratic National Committee or DNC, the recipients of tens of millions of dollars in legal bribes (campaign contributions, they're called under US law) from Big Oil, Big Ag, Big Pharma, Wall Street, the military contractors and more every year, the DNC was featuring Bernie Sanders on the mass fundraising mailings it sent to thousands of likely Democrat donors.

At first glance this does seem quite strange. While Bernie Sanders does talk and vote like many other pro-war liberal Democrats, while official Democrats across the country think he's Democrat enough to run in Democratic primaries and caucuses, and while Bernie's even pledged to support the eventual Democratic party nominee, pointing out to George Stephanopoulos that he does that every election anyhow, Bernie Sanders describes himself as a socialist, and talks about what he calls “a political revolution.”

So what's happening here? There's no question that the Democratic National Committee is the subservient tool of its ruling class donors, and of their candidate Hillary Clinton. TPM's Josh Marshall explains that although Hillary remains the official candidate of the DNC and its donors, they need an official opposition to make the year-long run up to the Democratic nominating convention a year from now look less like a coronation.

Bernie's presence, and his half-hearted pro-war brand of socialism, as Paul Street also explained in Black Agenda Report a few weeks ago doesn't further any “political revolution” at all. What it does is make Hillary's absolutely certain Democratic party nomination look almost legit, as though she emerged from some kind of process where the Democrats' base voters actually get to have their say. It makes sense, if only a profoundly dishonest kind of sense.

But the cynicism of corporate Democrats runs much deeper than this. Immediately after President Obama muscled fast track legislation needed to pass his so-called trade bills though Congress without the bother of legislators being able to amend them, or even see what's in them, the California Democratic party was emailing thousands of likely small and medium sized donors with the promise that it would “continue the fight” against “unfair trade agreements” like the TPP.

The California Democratic Party being effectively the local branch of the DNC chose not to remind prospective donors that their Democratic president forced TPP's fast-track provision through Congress, that their Democratic president is hounding, harassing convening secret grand juries and jailing on espionage and terrorism charges Wikileaks and other persons for revealing parts of the so-called trade agreements, which are really corporate power grabs.

The California Democratic Party isn't about to fight the Democrat in the White House over TPP, the privatization of schools, cutting the military budget, rolling back the prison state or anything else. Their feeble and hypocritical pretense of opposing TPP is aimed at the most deluded and gullible among their donor base, in the same spirit that the DNC uses Bernie Sanders to supplement fundraising. It's a measure of how uninformed and stupid Democratic party leaders on the state and national level imagine Democratic donors and voters to be, another marker of the boundless contempt that Democratic party leaders have for ordinary Democrats, and ordinary people.

Also, read comment nr 1 of this article, which I'll quote here:

Martin Luther King had another description for the kind of people described in this article, or "moderates" as he called them in 1963. In his letter from the Birmingham jail, he called them "worse" than the worst racists. The kind of people who make a pretense of being against the ideals of those who relentlessly mistreat others as subhuman, but when it comes time to actually do something to bring it to an end, they go out of their way to police everyone else into leaving things the way the are -with comments like, "it is not time," or "it is unrealistic."
Since the onset of the Nader-haters in 2000, these people are constantly screaming "you are causing the republicans to win" at anyone who dares to question the wisdom of giving eternal life to the 1%. And the inevitable side effect of giving eternal life to the 1% is also eternal life for the republican party -as the re-election of "our nation's first black president" clearly shows (not least with his service to oil investers such as Koch brothers who then in turn have more money to fund republican candidates)
I still struggle with how to word this better, but it is pretty clear even for those who refuse to acknowledge that the 1% is worse than the republicans and controls both parties, that we can't "defeat the republicans" without also defeating the democrats.


Thursday, 9 July 2015

South Korea, pure awesome stats!

When you represent the American half of the Korean Peninsula buffer zone between China and the US, then you get to have textbook full employment (4% unemployment and below that), over 100 capacity utilization and great Education system. In such important geostrategic location, you can't afford to have social unrest and idle resources because of pervasive bad macro.
Of course, South Korea has problems too - but they're of a different sort compared to (say) those of the EU Periphery.

Germany has a higher percentage of gov employees compared to Greece

So much for the "bloated government" meme...

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Greece is the scapegoat of a failed system & ideology

In a profoundly undemocratic union with arbitrary financial rules (not made to resist negative demand shocks), it is not the responsibility of the greek people or any other people in the EZ for that matter, to ensure euro bank deposits. The euro is a foreign currency for EVERYONE. It's not even a common currency union, it's just a system of hard pegs between countries. You can't have a common currency union without a common banking union. The so-called bailouts that the Troika made didn't come from the pockets of european tax-payers, it came from the ECB's computer via keystrokes.
A no vote against austerity IS a VICTORY for democracy and for EVERYONE in Europe, not just for Greece or for the Periphery.
If you understand double-entry bookkeeping and the fact that austerity is USELESS & NEEDLESS - and that what Greece is experiencing is just the symptoms of private debt deflation (the result of the end of the Great Moderation) amplified by active pro-cyclical fiscal policy, then you CANNOT be in favor of Troika policies of extend and pretend.
Government debt write offs while maintaining austerity DON'T work! You're simply draining more income while the Greek domestic private sector tries to deleverage. If the Greek government works to achieve a fiscal surplus & if the foreign sector works to be in surplus as well - the Greek domestic private sector can only be in a position of deficit. If Greece caves in to Troika package, they will continue their economic depression for another decade or even more.
The referendum was called by Tsipras in order to see if they have enough popular support to pursue their anti-austerity agenda. Without popular support, they cannot negotiate with the financial neocolonialists, nor organize a proper Grexit.
Hitler and the nazis came to power NOT during Weimar hyperinflation, but during Weimar hyper-austerity! The nazis brought in full employment via enough fiscal stimulus, pure and simple - sadly, they focused more on military production rather than civilian production. If the Weimar government would have run adequate fiscal stimulus, then nazis would have remained a minor/obscure political force.
I'm sorry, the EuroZone is run by criminals and charlatans! That's the very definition of neoliberal policies and the end result. Don't punish the banks, punish the poor and labor. IMF bloody well knew that the bailout provisions (austerity) would lead to negative economic growth, to negative social developments, and to the exacerbation of debt to GDP (once again, deficit to GDP and gov debt to GDP are SYMPTOMS, NOT causes). Troika wants to bleed Greece some more, cause otherwise the Periphery might start growing some actual balls between their legs and demand a better deal for their countries.

"What is happening in Greece (and in others parts of the Periphery) is a humanitarian disaster inflicted on people by a neo-liberal ideology that is invariant to reality and the facts of its own criminality."
~Bill Mitchell

Nigel Farage speech to Alexis Tsipras at the European Parliament

Whether you're a progressive or reactionary, Farage makes good points in this speech.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Visualisation of global average income between 1820-'70s-2000

Unfortunately this graph only shows the increase of average incomes, but not the rise of income equality.
According to the Chapter 11 of the report How Was Life? Global Well-being since 1820 the global income inequality has increased in the period between 1820 and 2000. It also has not decreased in the period between 1970 and 2000. Here is the link to the table from the Chapter 11 of the report that shows the development of situation with the global Gini coefficient:

Monday, 6 July 2015

Let's recap & summarize the Eurozone situation...

Ok, let's get some things straightened. One, banks create money endogenously - loans create deposits is an operation in endogenous money which creates no new net assets for the economy. The only way net financial assets are created is via fiscal deficits. The only way financial assets are eroded is via fiscal surpluses. Loans create deposits expand the money supply. The money supply shrinks when those loans are paid off or defaulted on. Private debt deflation puts negative pressure on aggregate demand levels. Spending is Income. Higher private sector saving desire leads to less private sector spending which leads to fewer sales - less income, less production, and more unemployment. As such, the automatic fiscal stabilizers (always work counter-cyclically) work to expand the deficit in the downturn. It's the system trying to correct itself - but Maastricht arbitrary neoliberal rules don't allow this to happen with a political crisis. So it's not a question of Greece borrowing someone else's hard-earned money. The euro is a foreign currency for all member states. The currency issuer is the ECB. The ECB creates, according to the fiscal policy of each individual member state, all the euros that go to paying taxes and buying government debt. When the first bailout to the banks was made, Merkel didn't go with a hat to European taxpayers to raise money - the ECB simply credited the bank accounts of the recipients and debited the Greek gov's securities account. Problem with the first haircut was that it was correlated with austerity policy (i.e. pro-cyclical fiscal policy in the downturn). The Greek private sector cannot deleverage while the foreign sector and the government sector are working to be in surplus. If shortfall in nongovernment sector spending is not covered by government spending, then output remains unsold and the result is unemployment. Greece is in depression and has been for years. (G-T)= -(S-I) -(X-M) Austerity didn't work for Chile, din't work for Argentina, din't work for the Weimar Republic (on the contrary, it paved the way for Hitler and the Nazis to come to power - which they did & subsequently rebuilt the economy and ended unemployment via fiscal stimulus), didn't work for Argentina, didn't work for Romania (under Ceausescu), and it didn't work for Greece. It wouldn't have worked for Germany post-WW2, that's why the Allies annulled it. All money is credit. All money is debt. In all of human history, those debts which could not be paid were not paid - and that's what responsible sovereigns did in order to protect their interests and those of their people. Besides, every net exporter of goods and services is a net importer of aggregate demand. Germany is shooting itself in the foot mid to long term by imposing needless austerity to the Periphery, as less aggregate demand will be available for them to import - thus less business for their exporters. The EuroZone is just an arbitrary scheme of hard pegs between countries. All member states are de jure and de facto currency users, and the ECB is the currency issuer. The member states share the ownership of the ECB, but they refuse to take charge of it politically. Varoufakis, Hollande, and Galbraith in their Modest Proposal give a simple solution/alternative to austerity without need of changes in the arbitrary Maastricht Treaty - by making the EIB (the European Investment Bank) act as Federal Treasury for the EZ. The EIB sits on a mountain of idle capital, by the way. Money is not a physical resource! Money is just records of transactions. The ECB's balance sheet can hold negative equity indefinitely without going bankrupt - so that the economies of the EZ can hold the corresponding positive equity. Government debt = private sector savings.



Saturday, 4 July 2015

The Greek referendum, why is it important?

1- I am not idolizing Tsipras. In fact, I lost faith in Syriza and in Varoufakis some time ago. Corrupt Greek politicians brought Greece into the Euro without a referendum - by using the same accountants from Goldman that Germany used. They should at least decide on austerity.

2- There's ton of points to reform and make better the Euro-system. There's Varoufakis, Hollande's and Galbraith's Modest Proposal - which are changes that don't require modifications of the treaties And then there's simply mods which can be applied but require new treaties - such as for the ECB to guarantee euro bank deposits and to discipline the banks on the asset side; which they are completely unregulated.

3- There's no question how much German political elites (German exporters and banks) benefited after the adoption of the Euro. If you think it's post hoc ergo propter hoc, then you're not looking at the other half of the balance sheet. Every net exporter of goods and services is a net importer of aggregate demand. Since all member states are de jure and de facto currency users - the net exporters of aggregate demand will ultimately get the axe of the neoliberal machine when private debt deflation will cause weak aggregate demand levels to increase the deficits and debt to GDP ratios of the countries in question - thus violating arbitrary Maastricht rules and setting up the stage for the Troika to do some extend and pretend, while profits are privatized and losses socialized. Point of the matter is that there's no modeling one country to be like another. You will always have regions that will be in net deficit to others and vice-versa. The European Investment Bank can play the role of surplus recycling - till this fucking continent of idiots will have the sense to create a Federal Government (and Federal Treasury). So, while the rest of the world contracted bank debt to fuel both Germany's domestic private and government sectors, Merkel et company went on to spew the 'virtues' of fiscal discipline/responsibility - and then when deleveraging happened within the foreign sector (the deficit countries), Merkel took the initiative to attack them for being lazy (ant vs grasshoper story, which is a cunning and totally false analogy in the realm of economics) and irresponsible with their finance. All of this happened in the Great Moderation, and no one in the mainstream saw the great crisis coming. In fact, some of them were writing/praising the Great Moderation and predicting a future of stability and prosperity, just as the crisis was unfolding in '08. So this is where one spots the lie, if one understands double-entry accounting. While you were building your surplus on the back of other people's deficits it was alright. When those people started having problems, you (Merkel et com) come in and start to talk of bullshit ethics and zombie economics, while you subjected people needlessly to socio-economic hardships just to prove that you're the one running the show and by making an example out of Greece, you keep the rest of them (the Periphery) in line.

4- You don't require fiscal transfers. You don't require to levy a special tax on people and then to distribute that income to the deficit regions. The ECB can do that via key-strokes by letting the government fiscal position to float in consequence. To let the automatic fiscal stabilizers do their job i.e. enlarge the fiscal deficit during the downturn and close the deficit during the upturn. Active measures should only be taken to ensure that full employment and price stability are achieved and maintained. There is no fixed deficit to GDP rule or debt to GDP that will allow that to happen. It needs to be mercurial, for the nongov sector has its own behavior - and the gov reacts to it (that's what endogenous money creation means) - private sector creating bank debt which leverages off of HPM (high powered money).
Net fiscal deficits are equity for the nongovernment sector. How that equity is appropriated, though, is another story.

5- The people of Greece, and the people of any other country for that matter, cannot be expected to insure euro bank deposits. It's neither fair nor is it a possibility for them to do so. It's like the government of Wales trying to insure pound bank deposits, or the government of Detroit trying to insure dollar bank deposits. They can't do that. The Central Bank is supposed to do that - because the CB has the hotwire and the printing press. In the EZ's case, it's the ECB who should take on the role of deposit insurance.

Conclusion is, it matters what the Greeks will vote for on Sunday. If they vote yes, that's a triumph for ignorance, for fear, and for future poverty (via austerity) not just for them, not just for the Periphery, but for the whole damn Union and mayhaps even beyond. If they vote no, then that may empower people in other parts to stand up for their rights and not cave in to fear-mongering propaganda, to blackmail, to theft, and to zombie economics (economic myths which refuse to die). It's important for the future of our own personal wallets & welfare.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Massive fear propaganda in Greece

A Greek friend of mine told me how Mega Channel (the most popular tv channel in Greece) aired fake footage of people standing in lines at ATMs. Ex: an old lady leaving an ATM (which turns out is from 2012, South Africa) and images with people going to ATMs wearing jackets. Jackets! In July in Greece! There is a lot of fear-propaganda and exaggerations going on, coming both from within Greece and from without - in anticipation of the referendum; the subject being a vote for austerity or a vote against austerity. The vast majority of Greeks are pro-European. They want to remain in the EU. They just don't want to be put through the sword anymore by the corrupt Troika & its neoliberal clients - just to keep the others (the Periphery) in check. Greece is 'negotiating' not with partners, but with necolonialists. They will continue to bleed (remain in economic depression for about a decade more), if they vote yes for austerity. I firmly believe there is NO alternative to Grexit - to sovereign free-floating nonconvertible Drachma and to full employment and price stability. It would drastically change Greece's trade balance and it would be nr 1 in tourism. I hear it from all my friends, they all want to go to Greece for their vacations!
In my opinion, the biggest obstacle for Syriza is internal political division and social unrest, if they attempt a Grexit. Secondly, the problem is that the Syriza government lack the heterodox knowledge of how to do a Grexit properly. Once again, here's the strategy in short and here are the necessary bank reforms in detail
I tweeted this also to Varoufakis. I told him that MMT-style Grexit is not about nationalism or misanthropy, but about HUMAN RIGHTS!
In conclusion, vote NO to austerity! You tried that before! It didn't work! It CAN'T work! The IMF itself knows this!!!
What the Greek economy needs (what every economy needs) is less taxation of labor & consumption & more spending on public services + asset side discipline for the banks!!!

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Positive money's reply to Bill Mitchell and my criticisms to that reply

Tweet text