Friday, 2 October 2015

"Government must never intervene in the market"

Stupid-man: "Did you see the Steel works up North is closing due to being broke? Up to 2,000 jobs going!" Reasonable-man: "Yes... Disgusting." Stupid-man: "Well it's just simple economics really. It's now become cheaper to import steel from China, so that's all there is to it!" Reasonable-man: "(looking at him like he's a bonehead!) Are you being fucking serious? So if it's cheaper to import beef, shall we fuck all our own farmers off to be idle or work at 'ready ready car washing?' Stupid-man: "That's different, this is market forces proper producing of goods." Reasonable-man: "Look, pal, you have no idea what you are talking about. This shit house government should be supporting that industry through the rocky times. Unemployment is already sky high up there!" Stupid-man: "Governments should never intervene in the market." Reasonable-man: "Now I know you are full of shit! Tell that to the banks they had to bail out! And by the way; the reason imports from China are cheaper is because they devalued their currency. Who do you think did that numb nuts? I suppose that was the free market was it?" Stupid-man: "Yes but that was done to help their economy." Reasonable-man: "So saving 2000 jobs isn't helping our economy? Have you thought about what happens when the price of Chinese steel goes back up? Like many examples of other imported goods in the past..

Conclusion: It's ok when the Chinese government intervenes in the market to devalue its currency in order to create new jobs for itself (the country) while destroying those jobs in other countries - and when the market changes you won't have your domestic industries anymore, which you've shut down because they weren't any longer competitive but now they could have been (since the market turned), but all the machinery has been sold for scrap. The land doesn't hold manufacturing plants anymore, only malls & mini malls. LoL. Nice way of defending one's self interest. Next time the guy's broke and goes to collect his welfare check, which he fucking will, tell him - sorry, your poverty is the result of market forces and government mustn't intervene with market forces. Naturally, they'll always try to scapegoat government for absolutely EVERYTHING, and the market for absolutely NOTHING.

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