Tuesday, 27 October 2015

My recent ebook promo, results

Alright. Like I promised, here are the results of my ebook promo for An Empire Of Traitors that I ran with 3 services on the 24th of this month. I used The Fussy Librarian, ItsWriteNow.com, and EbooksHabit. Because I used all 3 at once, I can't know which service did the best job or indeed, what job each service did.

Here are the results: 171 + 12 downloads on B&N & 1 on iTunes. (lol)
As you can see, the results weren't very good. I remember the first time I used DBS/BKnights, the 15$ option, I managed to obtain 175 freebie downloads within the first 24h. I've eroded myself for their audience since summer, though.
Anyway, since I paid 10$ for each service on this promotion, I feel like I didn't get enough eyeballs for my money. And only 2 people added An Empire Of Traitors to their "to-read" list on Goodreads.

The very low freebie downloads these two months & even fewer paid downloads for A Heretical Divide alongside other personal problems have hindered my productivity in drafting the 3rd book in the OHAL series. In spite of that, everything is coming together, and my ideas are several steps ahead of the actual writing which is always a good thing.

Conclusion. Will I be purchasing more of these promo gigs in the future? Probably not. If all I'm doing is paying to have strangers download & not read my work, then it's surely NOT an investment at all, but a complete loss. And I have to consider all my efforts so far in doing ebook promos as such (net failures), simply because I have yet to see reviews. Nobody said "Hey, nice read," or "OMG, don't bother with this". The reviews I managed to obtain were through e-begging. Let's call it what it is. "Hey, I see you like to read fantasy books. Would you read my free book and leave a review? Thanks". If you're an indie, you know how LONG backlogs are for review bloggers.

Anyway, enough with the whining. Getting people to take a chance on you (actually read you) is hard work. I swear, the bulk of my paid downloads don't come from any ebook promotions, but from connecting with people via social media (forums, blogs, twitter (I don't have Facebook)). In my case, connecting with people interested in politics and explaining to them money mechanics (fiscal ops, monetary ops, and banking) & double-entry bookkeeping. I've converted many a deficit hawk & dove into deficit owls. I want to thank everyone who supported me thus far, it means a lot. Hopefully, the future will be brighter for us all. Peace out.

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