Friday, 16 October 2015

Paid Ebook promo services, my experience

I've been experimenting with other ebook promotion gigs out there, trying to get more eyeballs for my Of Hate And Laughter series.

Got burned on I paid the fee after the site owner replied that he had my date free & then I never heard back from him & never got my promo. I had to push a claim via PayPal to get my money back, then the bloke replies to me about a week or two after that & apologized & promised he would do my promo for free, which he didn't. Anyway, stay clear from this site & don't confuse it with which is legit & costs only 3 bucks. is also not worth it. I paid 10 dollars and only got 12 or so freebie downloads. I had a good experience from EbookSoda for only 10 bucks (100+ freebie downloads of An Empire Of Traitors), and now I've scheduled 3 promos for the 24th of this month with Ebooks Habit, ItsWriteNow, and the Fussy Librarian. Using I found that BKnights (only on Fiverr) really suffered a downfall in their visits & email responses. My last promo with them on September gave me half of the regular freebie downloads I get from them (1/2 out of 160+). BKnights/DBS have a cool business policy, they're very open and responsive & they do offer refunds if satisfaction is not met. Hope their traffic will improve for the holidays and into the new year.

As a great tip, don't rush to throw your money away on ebook promotion sites. From my experience, look at any promotion above 10-15 dollars with a LARGE grain of salt. And always type in the site's main URL into to see visits, bounce rate, ranking, and email & social media traffic sources for the respective site. What I personally do is multiply the visits with email traffic percentage then divide by 100 to see a figure closer to reality (approximation of active members) vis-a-vis so-called email blasts & newsletters. Note: make sure to include the www. into the search field, otherwise chances are the site won't recognize the address.

I will update this blog entry once I've seen the results of EbooksHabit, Fussy Librarian, and ItsWriteNow.

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