Saturday, 17 October 2015

Sanders spews the same mainstream bullshit on macro

Sanders talks as if he has two balls in his mouth, and he's talking the usual deficit dove bullshit.
Dear #leftists, by saying "Make the rich pay for it" you're perpetuating the same zombie economic theology preached by the right. By saying that you're validating the bullshit lies spewed by Ayn Rand.
If he gets the presidency, he's gonna be a deception just like Obama was. The main difference being, in my opinion, on foreign policy, cause the Obama presidency is bound to be less hawkish than that of Sanders, who is a zionist & completely defended what Israel did to Palestine in the last rounds of indiscriminate murderous bombings.
Until a popular politician starts explaining to his electorate how fiscal policy really works, the rich won't pay their fair share & average plebeians will still see the 1% as job creators and defend them (without true reason, except that of zombie economic theology preached by both the deficit hawks & doves). Oh, if you want us to make jobs for you, you're gonna have to tax us less and you government must slash public spending. And that kind of idiotic logic the left is not equipped to handle, simply because they don't understand how things work (monetary & fiscal ops + double entry bookkeeping) - and it all descends into petty ideology.

Government levies public obligations on its citizens (fines & taxes) & demands payment only in government currency in order to give value to that currency. Since you can only pay your taxes & fines in gov money, you're willing to work & sell your goods for that currency. Government first announces tax obligations payable only in its currency, then it spends (fiscal debits), then it taxes. And if you want to have dollar bills in your wallet after you've paid your taxes, the government needs to spend more money in the economy than it takes out of it via taxation. You're gonna want fiscal deficits & government debt (net fiscal debits accrued over time). So stop saying that the "rich should pay for health care or social security" & start saying "the rich should pay in order to have socio-economic equality."

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