Thursday, 31 March 2016

Racism & stupidity at IHOP

Now, kids, what have we learned?

Freedom is important, but you don't have the freedom to speak non-English in the United States of America.

Very good, John. Anyone else?

Even though I didn't actually fight against the British Empire like my ancestors, we get to say "we did this & that" as if I was there in the 18th century, in actual combat.

Very good, Sandy. Anyone else?

The white lady in sunglasses should be reminded that the Bill of Rights had to be amended 17 times. With all of that hard-earned freedom, the Founding Fathers forgot a few things - such as slavery, and equal voting rights...

Very insightful, George. Someone else?

If you don't speak English in the USA, that means you want to bring in nazis & Castro.
Though, we had no problems with Batista.

Very good, Dennis.

Raising my voice & crying in front of a racist hag is a waste of time & effort.

Well said, Cindy.

The guy going on and on with "You can't do that" in a bothersome tone wasted his breath with cliches rather than employing logic 101 to debunk the hag's irrational statements.

Very good, Robb. You're always keen on details. Class dismissed. Have fun, everyone.


  1. There would be so much to say bout English being the official language of most states if not all in the USA, but the right for non-English speaking American citizens or residents to be addressed in their national or vernacular languages in public services and in schools has led to opening classes of mathematics in Spanish in California, not for Spanish speaking students only but for all the students who wanted to take that course. I have known high schools when they had not soccer teams, and then in some states like California and Florida and Texas, and then all of them they started having soccer team to integrate Chicanos and other Latinos, of course not restricted to them but open to all and now they have soccer teams in many places. Multiculturalism in the US is becoming, becoming mind you, the norm and English is only the official languages but in many police stations all announcements are in the common languages of the area, not only in English. ETC. What the heck listening to an old ghost who was forgotten when it was time for her to be buried. She is just rancid and passé.

    1. A lot of places in the US are really ahead in terms of social progress - and some other places are really backwards in this regard. In my country, the vast majority of people fall into the religious category. The orthodox church still receives massive Government subsidies & preferential taxation, even though the state is supposed to be secular.
      On a more funnier note, check out the debate between Trump & Sanders at Comedy Central. Absolutely hilarious.