Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Muslim Flight Attendant Refuses To Serve Alcohol

Remember the movie Gung Ho? When the american workers were complaining to the japanese managers why they weren't put in their old positions, doing the stuff they knew & were used to? The japanese manager's motive is: "Every man learns every job, then we are a team." This principle is simple & proven. If everyone knows how to do all the jobs, then if a worker becomes impaired in his position - the others can jump in and they'll know how to handle it. Of course, in this case, she knew how to serve a bloody drink - she just refused to because she cares more about a literal interpretation of her religion, rather than being flexible about the context she's in. Human resources should have thought of that before they hired her. It's entirely their fault for being so short-sighted, that they couldn't envision such a scenario could occur. Also, like Cenk said - the provider of the workplace DOESN'T have to ensure people can practice their religions. The business place/the workplace is not a fucking place of worship. You should be thinking about you work, your responsibilities, your lunch, and your paycheck; not about theism or non-theism. It's the same reason why a laic/secular government is the equitable option, and not a multi-religious government which hands out subsidies & preferential tax status to all religions.
As for christian bars refusing to serve gays. It's hypocritical, yes. But I reckon bars of other religions practice this kind of bigotry too. Equally hypocritical & wrong would be for atheist bars to deny service to theists.

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