Thursday, 26 May 2016

Is uber sexism & bigotry tolerable because it's your religion?

Is uber sexism & bigotry tolerable because it's your religion? People who hide under the umbrella of islamophobia to escape rightful criticism of religious fundamentalism are those who are infantilizing the word 'repression' & who are in fact arguing for the right of families to fuck up their children.

This is the kind of reaction from muslims that I like to see. ++Switzerland's Muslim community had largely refused to support the boys' refusal to shake hands, pointing out that it was a Swiss tradition that many Muslims quite happily accept. To "the students and parents I would suggest the following reflection: Can the denial of shaking hands be more important than the Islamic commandment of mutual respect?" Montassar Ben Mrad, president of Federation of Islamic Organizations in Switzerland, had said in the statement.++
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PS: Someone told me I should get a pet to get my mind off of policing people with different "values". Values which he never explained why they are worthy to be kept & not discarded. So I decided to get a woman; because Islamic fundamentalism says man's best pet is a woman. :))
At any rate, the norm will have to hurt a bystander (for lack of a better word), until the whole dumbass ritual gets eliminated. And plenty of people will point the finger to the backwards reactionary for bringing about the ire of the authorities on all of them.By the way, I don't believe fines are the way to tackle this (which are way too high). But I do believe in verbal admonishment. "Hey, Abdul, you're an asshole for not shaking my hand just because I'm a woman (subhuman in your religion). See you tomorrow." :))))
I'll conclude with these beautiful words by Ibn Khaldun, an intellectual titan.

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