Thursday, 19 May 2016

White & Black Doll Test & idiotic conclusions

I actually read a comment that insisted these children are "self-haters". I don't pity the children, cause children say stupid shit all the time. I pity the adults who come up with this sort of idiotic conclusions, because they're dumb as fuck & are likely to never change. The kiddies chose the paler dolls because it's easier to contrast detail from background. Sure, it has to do with the parents too, with the myths/stories they teach their children, and other exogenous factors such as television & interaction with peers - linking the appearance of others with their behavior & ideas. Daylight is clear. Night time is unclear/scary. Light is good. Shadow is bad. But my opinion is that the former is the main driver. To know for sure, it would be good to conduct this test in an all-black region in Africa (where black is the norm, and non-blacks are the rare exception) to see what doll the children pick.

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