Wednesday, 1 June 2016

John Bolton trashes Obama’s Hiroshima visit & he's full of shit

John Bolton is full of shit.
The political elites in Kyoto wanted a negotiated surrender. The US wanted an unconditional surrender, an alien term in the geopolitics of those days. The US elites certainly knew that the Japanese government would never agree to such a thing. They calculated that they would flex their muscles to the rest of the world by using the atom bomb, and at the same time, obtain what they wanted from the Japanese government. Geopolitics is never about morality or human life. The reasoning is simple, and all means are taken into consideration. The US didn't want to preserve life on both sides, it simply wanted to accomplish its goal of obtaining the unconditional surrender of Japan. For that, they nuked civilians (twice) and they accomplished their goal. Make no mistake, if the situation were reversed, the Japanese elites would have done the same.

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