Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Like him or hate him, Farage is so good in this

Like him or hate him, Nigel Farage correctly brings up the Mediterranean & the Lisbon treaty & big business. And he also throws some barbs against the rest of the MPs.


  1. We are going out but we want to keep the advantages of being in. That's generous. And we want that for you, all of you, not to suffer. How human and selfless.

    Forget about Marine Le Pen she is far from achieving her goal, though she represents in French national elections a lot more than Farage represents in all British, United Kingdom elections.

    The referendum in Great Britain came to what it was because of the lukewarm campaign of the Labor party, particularly his leader, and the enormous ambition of Boris Johnson and the dissatisfaction in the Conservative Party of the lukewarm and pale leadership from Cameron.

    But Farage lies on one point: the British Government does not have, and actually can't, just consider the referendum is law. One 1971 law has to be repealed and then Parliament has to turn the referendum into a legal decision. We are far away from that. since officially the Conservative Party does not have a leader and hence the country does not have a government: Cameron does not have the power to negotiate a treaty since this government is a caretaker of everyday business but no more.

    He is right though on one point: they have turned the European Union into a political homogenized block negating nations and I voted against that in 2005 and that's what I say and defend in my Union and everywhere where I can say so. We have been betrayed and that political change has no legitimacy.

    Fare thee well on this tempestuous sea. I am ready to consider the United Kingdom either will never get out of the Union, or it will explode and disappear from the surface of the earth.

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    1. Farage is certainly a politician you'd want to have on your side. Even though I disagree with UKIP, Farage does make some legitimate claims. People blaming the results of the UK referendum on xenophobia & racism aren't paying attention to what the Establishment has done. It's precisely the failure of the Establishment that right wing parties are growing in the polls.

      On the issue of democracy & law, I'll give one example. We here in Romania had a referendum several years ago about how our Parliament should look like. Everyone decided for only one chamber (no senate) & for no more than 300 MPs. Years later, Romania still has two chambers & almost 600 MPs.

      If I were a citizen of the UK, I would have likely voted to leave, but because of leftist reasons. George Galloway sums them up here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32hgwUYpWbE