Wednesday, 23 November 2016

There are only 3 types of Government

There are only 3 types of Government (mechanically-speaking):
-Transition phase between the two

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    Three is too Christian, one in three, three in one. Three in Buddhism is real life? to which we are too often attached and thus made dependent if not enslaved. But I have a Buddhist mind on that and a Gustave Guillaume-an mind too.
    1-total absence of government: human group bound to die
    2-power to the people from full direct democracy to full representative democracy
    3- threshold: representative democracy within a one person central power, elected if leaning to the left and for life and hereditary if leaning to the right
    4-shift from presidential republic or monarchy from little direct power to absolute power
    5- beyond a system where power is in the hands of someone who seized it without any legitimacy, just force: that someone has all powers under his control and that someone can be a group of people.
    In order from left to right (no political value):
    1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
    2 is decreasing: power to the people of the people by the people to a power from the people to the representatives and for the people
    3 is increasing from limited power in the hands of an elected/non-elected head of state to all powers in the hands of an elected/non(elected head of state. It remains based on a constitution that separates the three powers, though executive power increasingly dominant