Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Examples of your typical fascist logic:

-"Yes, spreading culture and ending racism in Ethiopia is so horrible"

-"Fascism could be easily improved without personality cult (Duce). It requires a Politburo with several equally entitled people in the leadership. We must learn from past mistakes."

-"I think that in addition from a Rex elected by the People, a new fascism should also have a Senate with Patricians to occupy the high offices and govern under the supervision of the King, and an Assembly for the Plebeians to aprove or disaprove of the Senate's Laws.
Just like it was during the Regnum Romanum, that in my opinion was the purest form of Fascism."

-"Impossible! Fascism is Hierarchical. The Leader is the best man in the country for the job. He rises through a hierarchy of merit. Workers work. Leaders lead, and the best leader leads us all. The first Fascist Leaders may have inculcated a personality cult, but only in opposition to enemies, who also had their cults, of democracy and materialism. But an order of merit would be self-perpetuating, after it is established."

-"Real Fascism just works! the same can never be said about demoncrazy and capitalism and their brother the bolshevism"

-"When men were real men and women were real women. The perfect lifestyle: God, His Word, family, and work with purpose, something today's societies lack."

-"I know. What a great time for the Italian people! I wish us Americans got along better with the fascists..."

-"The problem was that Mussolini ended Stresa and allied with Hitler, if he had continued in the allies fascism would still be a savior ideology until today"

-"I would say the issue was not Hitler. Weren't it for Churchill and the zionist jews he conspired with, Germany and Italy would both be quite well off today. But that's just my opinion."


  1. Daily fascism is like a habit with people: they eat too much sugar, they eat too much salt, they don't do enough exercise, they speak too much but they also are daily fascists with everyone around them and fascism comes in many garbs and that's natural since it is garbage. Just try to forgive them since they don't even know they are fascists. But how can we contain them?
    Happy Christmas and merry yule season.

    1. Some people are worried about fascists appearing on political talk shows. I say let them appear, so that everyone can see what they're about and how they think. Best thing to do is own them in a debate, which is not a hard thing to pull off. In my opinion, the political establishment throughout Europe is bent on fueling extremist parties in the polls.
      Anyway, we'll see how things evolve (or devolve).
      Happy Saturnalia, Jacques. :D