Wednesday, 28 December 2016

My thoughts on MGTOW

I only recently heard about MGTOW (men going their own way). At first, I was led to believe that it's about men wanting to stay single for various reasons (because of financial reasons, because they're not interested in sex etc). Instead, what I found in most of these videos is men bitching about gold diggers. So far so good, but then they enter into all this sophistry about history, gender, and culture. And while they do so, they betray their ignorance and vitriol. Needless to say, the sexism and double-standards are obvious. Guess a lot of people want to "Make women great again", when men controlled women's vaginas. They think that the biology of women is somehow incompatible with societal tranquility. Ironically, these people seek to bring back the patriarchal system, while at present, the patriarchal marriage and alimony laws are the things that are fucking them in the ass so badly. Just look at Dave Foley. His account shows clearly the inequity of these laws.

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