Sunday, 13 January 2013

Some books I'd like to write, as well as to read

Here are some titles my wayward mind has come up with, "Captain Ahab and the sand worms," "Gulliver stays home," "Cthulhu isn't returning my calls," - though, this one is pre '23... not a public domain character - "Big Blue Riding Hood," "The Artful Dodger and his make-a-wish foundation," "Dracula is spelled with a K" All of these sound very good, and I claim copyright, lol. ^^


  1. Regarding the Captain Ahab and sand worms storyline, I'd highly recommend you read "The Rail Sea" by China Mieville.
    The setting is a land which is actually a dried ocean basin, which "ships" traverse on an ancient and intricate network of train tracks while hunting, harpooning and processing immense tunneling mole-like creatures.
    "Whaling", if you will.
    The inhabitants have long forgotten their history and have only a few myths and legends regarding their origins and what lies beyond their known lands.
    The book is clever and well written and, I thought, those origins were pretty humorous when revealed.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation and the expo ^^. It sounds like a really good book.