Friday, 18 January 2013

The Two

How I Met Your Mother vs Rules Of Engagement

Seinfeld vs Married With Children

Ok, folks. Here's how it is for me. I like ROE better than HIMYM. Why? ROE is less exaggerated than HIMYM, ergo the intrigues are more plausible. ROE uses diverse range of cell phones, unlike HIMYM, where they use only iphones. The flash backs spammed in HIMYM have gotten really annoying for me. I like the cast of ROE better. Patrick Warburton is such a great actor, and Jeff suits him like a glove. Oliver Hudson playing innocent and dumb Adam is so damn funny. Adhir Kalyan is brilliant in his role, and David Spade (aka Russel) needs no embellishment. HIMYM lost its appeal, at least for me, when it became a soap opera.

Now, Seinfeld vs Married With Children. I like Seinfeld better. Why? Every episode is about a different thing. It's not repetitive, like MWC. Peg's lines always revolve telling people how Al ain't good in the sack and how his feet, socks, shoes smell. Bud is constantly trying to get laid. Kelly is always in the role of the dumb hot blonde. Al always revolves around fat women who want to buy smaller nr shoes. He always wants to catch a break vis-a-vis food and money. Marcy is a hell of a character, and the feminism thing doesn't get all that annoying. However, the constant hooters bar theme does. The constant bathing suit chicks theme does. The jokes in MWC are repetitive and the show not only uses very implausible intrigues, but overuses hot chicks wearing little clothing. In Seinfeld, it's always about the characters and their context. The characters remain organic and produce sympathy, in spite of their idiosyncracies. Every episode is a new context, in which they grow. The writing is far superior, and because of that the actors yield a better performance.

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