Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Hey, girls, look at my machinery...

Alright, men. In the words of the great lord Flashheart, Let's doooo it!

The book's free to download and you won't be disappointed. Heck, if I'm not willing to back it up, who will? And even if we were to make the absurd presumption that you wouldn't find it engaging enough, I'm still working on the draft for the sequel, A Heretical Divide. And I'm gonna keep writing after that's done as well.

Yes, in the beginning I had wild dreams about it. Thought I'd be discovered over night and make a fortune. Go fly around the western countries, and then come back to Romania to buy The Iron Gates 1 and 2 (our hydroelectric dams). But something happened... After I quit smoking cigarettes, I also stopped smoking air. ^^
What matter are my sons and daughters. I am their father, and I also their slave. Here's the kind of music that fits my world Of Hate And Laughter - it fit's like a charm.
X-Ray Dog!!!

Regardless of what the future has in store for me, I'm not going to stop writing. If fate takes away my arm, I'll use my other one. If fate takes away both of them, I'll try to write using my toes - though, recording my voice on a tape is easier. But that means I'll have to find some bloke charitable enough to type in the sound as letters on the computer on my behalf. Maybe I'll get lucky, and fate will be kind to me. Whatever her mind, I plan to leave on this earth more than the shadow of my dust.

Remember, children (young and old) - the government deficit equals the net savings of the private sector in a given year. Taxes don't finance public expenditure. It's the other way around. Remember that EVERY human being is full of shit. And remember that God hates nothing more than those who worship him out of fear, ignorance, and superstition; instead of worshiping him out of love. We who are about to die salute you!

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