Monday, 28 July 2014

My reply to a certain view regarding the siege of Gaza

Serban, the key thing you're missing is that Israel is doing it's best not just to reach a cease-fire because everyone knows that won't mean shit to Hamas. The point of the infrastructure war isn't to cripple the people, it's to destroy their capability to make war and therefore create a lasting peace. I'd bet my house that if they achieved that goal and disabled the Hamas war machine they'd immediately send aid to the civilian population again like they have in the past. Sometimes violence has to be solved with violence whether you or anyone else likes it or not; that's indisputable.

What war machine, dude? Where is this war machine lying behind apartment blocks, schools, hospitals, and UN centers?
The intention of the IDF is to destroy civilian infrastructure. By the logic of bombing and razing to eliminate Hamas threat - they'd have to literally destroy the WHOLE country. As the minister of interior said, "Bomb them to the middle ages."
Again, why do this!? It doesn't do away with Hamas! It simply ensures future vengeance actions against Israel.
If they want to eliminate Hamas - use covert-ops. Otherwise, the next time terrorists take shelter in a populated building; the police should simply bring in the artillery and kill everything that's inside.
Gaza does not have an army, doesn't have artillery, doesn't have a navy. Doesn't have air forces. Doesn't have a land army.
Israel has all these things.
If they wanted to eliminate Hamas, they could do it without destroying the lives of innocents and their property. It's like a right-wing regime bombing the entire neighborhood of a certain ethnicity - because "terrorists" live among them. To hell with everyone else, we see only terrorists and we'll kill them at any cost.
Israeli murderers are called commandos, arab commandos are called terrorists. Once again, this is my opinion and I stick to it; the present operation in Gaza has nothing to do with eliminating Hamas. You cannot remove an enemy political faction without having another faction (one you favor) step in to fill the power vacuum. Israel isn't interested in finding and funding a political voice within Gaza with which to negotiate - not ceasefire or peace - but a two state agreement and honor it. If Hamas were to be eliminated, the israeli hawks would no longer be able to justify their abject policies to the moderates. They'd be required to make concenssions - and they don't want that.
Once again, even Franco - who was the fucking dictator - didn't go and bomb The Basque Country in response to ETA's own terrorist actions. Indiscriminate killing done by the government CANNOT be justified by blaming it on the other side - using the civilians as shields. There's no justification for such actions. Israel is not being invaded. Is not at war with a country. It can't invoke the issue that - this is our last option, we've tried everything else.

And the other idea that I've seen around the web, that, "well, the palestinians voted for Hamas - so they're terrorists also. Kill them all." This is so fucking warped. It's like a palestinian saying, since the IDF killed my brother and sister, put my father in jail, wounded my mother and destroyed my home - that gives me the right to kill all and any israelis I encounter in my life."
This is utter malefaction at work. This is what the israeli hawks sow within Gaza. This is what Hamas feeds upon.

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