Sunday, 24 August 2014

Brits, stand up and save your NHS!

In the past two years, £11bn worth of the NHS has been put up for sale, while 35,000 staff have been axed, including 5,600 nurses. Half of the 600 ambulance stations are earmarked for closure. One-third of NHS walk-in centres have been closed and 10% of A&E units have been shut. Waiting lists for operations are at their longest in years as hospitals are consumed by the crisis in A&E.
The morale of the NHS family is at rock bottom. Their pay has been frozen for two years under the coalition, and they have been forced to accept a major downgrading of their pension benefits. Freezing and squeezing pay is heaping financial misery on more than one million NHS workers.
The NHS will just be a logo; reduced from being the main provider of health services in England with one of the biggest workforces in the world, to a US-style insurance scheme, divorced from the delivery of care. Fewer treatments will be available to people as cuts start to bite, with wealthier people able to "top up" treatments. It's not just a postcode lottery – it's also a tax code lottery.
Patients are being denied prompt hip or cataract operations – and the list of hard-to-get services will grow and grow, reducing the NHS to a skeleton. Money that could be spent on patient care is being spent on unnecessary bureaucracy, debt interest and dividends. Meanwhile, Hunt blames individual cash-strapped trusts for making "bad choices".

Private profits are made on the back of the health of people, by narrowing access and increasing prices. Private economic rent is (in most cases in certain countries) more of a burden than actual government taxes. What they're trying to do now with the NHS is to increase private economic extraction on the backs of the citizens. This has nothing to do with "saving the country from debt burdens" or "future generations." It's not about "saving" money on this particular (health care) sector, so that the government may increasing funding or decrease taxes somewhere else. Any fiscal policy that lets so-called market forces impose the price on services that should be every citizen's right - are nothing more than undemocratic efforts to control the poor and the middle class; to lower their living standards and allowing the interests of the opulent minority to dictate the rules of the "game" - to have leverage over everybody else.

A lower fiscal deficit in these times ISN'T serving the citizens of Britain, or the citizens of every other country for that matter. Cause nobody's working and full employment.

British people, do not let your national health care system be robbed by private business; because you and your children will regret it. I assure you! Take it from a guy who lives in a country in which many privatizations happened after the communist regime fell. And all of those public-owned assets which were privatized, were actually sold for scrap for a quick buck. And the ownership went to shady actors who had ties with the inteligentia and with politics. All in all, the profits were privatized and the losses socialized.

Don't let that happen to you.

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