Saturday, 4 October 2014

My feeble "social-media promotion" until the new year

Fact 1:
I live in Romania and my standard of living is not the average "western" standard. Compared to that yardstick, I'm poor. I don't have money to spend on 30-50 dollar 10 day promotion sites to run ads.
Fact 2:
Outside of the genre I write in (fiction, epic fantasy), my other interests revolve around domestic and foreign politics, the struggle of heterodox thought against the corrupt and entrenched orthodox establishment, ASMR vids, and watching Let's plays on youtube - (seeing who gives objective criticism and who's just being a mindless fanboy).
So outside thing related to Post-Keynesianism, Modern Monetary Theory, religion, LGBQT news, foreign conflicts, and overall things concerning human rights... I really don't write about anything else. Being self-published is a bitch because one has to tackle the marketing side of things directly and many a time without resources. Hell, if I had money to pour in advertising and what not, I wouldn't have priced my stories to begin with. If money were not a problem, I'd make An Empire Of Traitors and A Heretical Divide perma-free in a heartbeat - just like Talking Crows.

I'm going to focus on what meager buzz I can create via my blog and twitter; and that's about it. Next year I don't want to waste time (and yes, that's the psychological perception) looking at the daily sales charts and tweeting stuff related to my ebooks. In 2015, I have my work cut out for me; the third installment to the Of Hate And Laughter (OHAL) series, A Dance With Fools And Devils, is going to have around 200K words; almost twice as long as book 1 and 2 combined.
I have no fantasy of becoming rich over night or ever, for that matter. As an indie writer with no financial resources, but with a love for the world I've created and for the souls I've given birth to - I take the long road.

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