Saturday, 22 November 2014

Updated! Been trying to talk some accounting sense to UKIP guys

I don't know if they managed to, at least, check my arguments before dismissing them out of hand based simply on orthodox economic notions that they've been indoctrinated with.
But I sure as hell kept going with presenting FACTS.
You can see the conversation here. Scroll down a bit until you find my replies:

After all what I debated and argued, this is what the UKIP advocate had to conclude:
"So you want me to continue to pay for your welfare?"

I argued further that his taxes don't pay for anything; but hell, the guy cannot comprehend a simple fact that the fiscal deficit has a correspondent surplus in the economy, surplus owned by the private sector. Neither did he understand that the money for his pension comes from the public debt.
What's worse is that they don't even bother to respond with facts, if they have any. All they do is keep saying the same bullshit as the caviar rightists and caviar leftists.
In conclusion, UKIP supporters are part of the same problem. They are nothing new.
Sometimes, blocking mindless drones is the best thing one can do.

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