Sunday, 14 June 2015

My promotion with DBS started yesterday. Help me remain in the top free ranks.

I know you have better things to do in Summer, but if you can find time for a little bit of reading on your E-reader, make an effort and check out An Empire Of Traitors.
If you enjoy POV narration, medieval life & intrigue, politics, murder, treachery, epic battles, and magical realism - then the Of Hate And Laughter books are for you.
Try a sample and if you like, then download - it's free! Book 2 - A Heretical Divide - has a little bit of MMT (Modern Monetary Theory/Chartalism) in it. Book 3 - A Dance With Fools And Devils - will have a little bit more of it. Note: China used fiat notes around the year 1000 AD, so it's nothing new really. Once again, if you decide to inquire into my work & share it with your friends, I'm greatly appreciative of that.

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