Friday, 3 July 2015

Massive fear propaganda in Greece

A Greek friend of mine told me how Mega Channel (the most popular tv channel in Greece) aired fake footage of people standing in lines at ATMs. Ex: an old lady leaving an ATM (which turns out is from 2012, South Africa) and images with people going to ATMs wearing jackets. Jackets! In July in Greece! There is a lot of fear-propaganda and exaggerations going on, coming both from within Greece and from without - in anticipation of the referendum; the subject being a vote for austerity or a vote against austerity. The vast majority of Greeks are pro-European. They want to remain in the EU. They just don't want to be put through the sword anymore by the corrupt Troika & its neoliberal clients - just to keep the others (the Periphery) in check. Greece is 'negotiating' not with partners, but with necolonialists. They will continue to bleed (remain in economic depression for about a decade more), if they vote yes for austerity. I firmly believe there is NO alternative to Grexit - to sovereign free-floating nonconvertible Drachma and to full employment and price stability. It would drastically change Greece's trade balance and it would be nr 1 in tourism. I hear it from all my friends, they all want to go to Greece for their vacations!
In my opinion, the biggest obstacle for Syriza is internal political division and social unrest, if they attempt a Grexit. Secondly, the problem is that the Syriza government lack the heterodox knowledge of how to do a Grexit properly. Once again, here's the strategy in short and here are the necessary bank reforms in detail
I tweeted this also to Varoufakis. I told him that MMT-style Grexit is not about nationalism or misanthropy, but about HUMAN RIGHTS!
In conclusion, vote NO to austerity! You tried that before! It didn't work! It CAN'T work! The IMF itself knows this!!!
What the Greek economy needs (what every economy needs) is less taxation of labor & consumption & more spending on public services + asset side discipline for the banks!!!

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